Expected to Attend: Director/Cinematographer Alexander Farrell; producer Francesco Loschiavo; creative producers San Fu Maltha; editor Giorgio Galli

WORLD PREMIERE Raf’aa flees Syria in the midst of the war, leaving behind her husband, Nazem, and their two sons in order to seek asylum in Europe. The family plans to follow her to Germany, but by the time Nazem and the boys make it to Greece, they find the borders closed. Confined to the stark conditions of a refugee camp while Raf’aa copes with the trauma she experience on her own journey, will Nazem be able to safely reunite his family?


Modern Family


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Director: Alexander J Farrell
Producer: Francesco Loschiavo
Cinematographer: Alexander J Farrell, Daniel Ciufo, Harriet Dedman
Editor: Giorgio Galli
Music: Guy Dagul, Nicolette Street
Running Time: 87
Language: Arabic, Kurdish, German, Greek and English
Country: UK
Year: 2018