2017 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Chad Freidrichs, producer Jaime Freidrichs

NYC PREMIERE In the 1960s, frustrated by the growing problem of urban pollution, Athelstan Spilhaus, a visionary scientist and futurist comic strip writer, assembled a team of experts to develop a bold experiment: the Minnesota Experimental City (MXC). MXC would be the city of the future, a domed metropolis for 250,000 pioneering residents, built from scratch and using cutting-edge technology to prevent urban sprawl and pollution. Things didn’t quite go as planned, as explored in Chad Friedrichs’ fascinating look back at the would-be city of tomorrow.



Science Non-Fiction


Director: Chad Freidrichs
Producer: Chad Freidrichs, Jaime Freidrichs, Brian Woodman
Cinematographer: Nathan Truesdell, Chad Freidrichs
Editor: Chad Freidrichs
Music: Benjamin Balcom
Running Time: 95
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2017