Insiders Conference: Show Me the Money Day – Overview

Insiders Conference: Show Me the Money Day – Overview

Ways to fund your documentary films are constantly changing. Bring yourself up to date on where to go, who to know and what to do.

Bagels & coffee 9:15-10:00am

Morning Manifesto 10:00-10:30am

Abigail Disney shares her experiences as an executive producer backing acclaimed documentaries including Hot Girls Wanted, 1971 and Vessel; as a producer on Pray the Devil Back to Hell and with her directorial debut, The Armor of Light.

Anatomy of Funding 10:30-11:40am

Producer Patricia Benabe (The Hand That Feeds) and filmmakers Dawn Porter (Gideon’s Army), and Jen Brea (Canary In A Coal Mine) and take us through the steps of getting projects financed, and share their journeys of how their projects made it to completion. Moderator: Jenni Wolfson (Chicken & Egg Pictures). Co-presented by Chicken & Egg Pictures.

Legal-ease 12:00-1:10pm

When making a film, it’s essential to ensure that the content of your documentary is purchased and distributed legally. What challenges and issues should a filmmaker prepare for during the process? Daniel O’Meara (Producer and Social Action Campaign Director), Maureen Ryan (Producer) and Marc Simon (Partner, CDAS) will guide you through the rules and regulations of copyrights, licensing and content protection when making your film. Moderator: Andrea Cannistraci (CDAS). Co-presented by CDAS. Co-presented by CDAS.

Lessons in Creative Funding 2:00-3:10pm

Want to fund your film and build a community around your work at the same time? Creative funding has opened up new opportunities for documentary filmmakers, including audience engagement and promotion. Filmmakers Sharon Shattuck (From this Day Forward) and Benjamin May (The Legend of Swee’ Pea) offer case studies on how crowdfunding can raise money and create excitement around your work. Moderator: Taylor Moore (Kickstarter). Co-presented by Kickstarter.

Supporting the Documentary Producer – Ask an Expert 3:30-4:40pm

The Impact Partners Emerging Producers Fellowship was created to nurture the underappreciated role of documentary producing. Mentors from the program dispense their best advice on the dark arts of producing. Participants include Dan Cogan and Jenny Raskin of Impact Partners, plus filmmakers Liz Garbus, Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady, Amy Hobby and attorney Victoria Cook. Co-presented by Impact Partners in conjunction with the Impact Partners Emerging Producers Fellowship.

Happy Hour 5:00-6:00pm Co-presented by Kickstarter.

Attend this day’s events with an All Access Pass, DOC NYC PRO Pass, an Insiders Conference Pass, or Show Me the Money Day Pass. Your pass also includes an onsite Bagel Breakfast 9:15-10, Happy Hour 5-6, and entry to the PRO lounge 9:15-6.