DOC NYC PRO and Impact Partners present a 90-minute workshop on equity financing for documentary filmmakers. Featuring perspectives from Impact Partners Executive Director Jenny Raskin and filmmakers Sabrina Gordon and Megan Gilbride, who have used equity financing to fund their projects. This session offers clear-eyed guidance for any film team considering equity financing as a component of their funding strategy.

Featured topics covered in the workshop include how to determine whether equity financing is right for your project; deal models for equity financing; approaches for negotiating your contract and designing your waterfall structure; and navigating and sustaining a healthy financier-filmmaker relationship. Beyond expertise on financing itself, the session will also discuss how equity financiers become long-term partners on a film team, contributing to projects’ creative development and distribution trajectory. Following a panel format for the first hour, the session will also include 30 minutes for audience questions.

Session co-presented by Impact Partners.

Tickets for this event are $19. Live captioning will be provided.

All registrants may participate in the live session, and will also receive access to the recorded event and a written transcript. Tickets are non-refundable.

If you have questions about registration, please email For questions about accommodations and accessibility, including requests for live ASL interpretation, please email