1275 DAYS

1275 DAYS


NYC PREMIERE In Elkhart, Indiana, 16-year old Blake Layman attempts to rob a home, only to see his friend and accomplice, Danzele, lose his life to the homeowner’s gun. Even though Blake did not pull the trigger, he faces a 55-year prison sentence under the felony murder rule. Directors Katie Green and Carlye Rubin chart the unwavering efforts of Blake’s mother and his devoted girlfriend to appeal his conviction so that he doesn’t spend a lifetime behind bars for one bad decision.

Director: Katie Green, Carlye Rubin
Executive Producer: Max Einhorn, Rachel Swearingen
Producer: Katie Green, Carlye Rubin
Writer: Carlye Rubin, Katie Green
Cinematographer: Katie Green, Will Francome
Editor: Tina Grapenthin
Music: Mike Thies
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Publicist: JGPR
US Distributor: FilmRise

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Dec 31, 1969 19:00 PM


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Director Carlye Rubin, Katie Green, subject Blake Layman