Ukrainian journalist Mstyslav Chernov arrives at the strategically key city of Mariupol, Ukraine just as Russian forces begin assaulting the city on the first day of their full-scale invasion. Sending dispatches to AP, Chernov and his team bear witness as the beautiful city is ravaged with death, bombings, and disintegration, one devastating day at a time. Refusing to leave until the last possible moment, Chernov and his team capture defining images that galvanize the West to rally to his country’s defense.

The first screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Mstyslav Chernov and editor/producer Michelle Mizner.

This film contains the following accessibility options for viewers:
Closed Captioning for online screenings

All in-person screening venues provide sound amplification headphones upon request with venue management. IFC Center can also provide a T-Coil loop for compatible devices.

Director: Mstyslav Chernov
Producer: Mstyslav Chernov, Michelle Mizner, Raney Aronson Rath, Derl McCrudden, Vasilisa Stepanenko (field producer)
Cinematographer: Mstyslav Chernov
Editor: Michelle Mizner
Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English
Country: United States of America
Year: 2023