63 UP

2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Michael Apted

This longitudinal project started out by filming a group of seven-year-old British children representing a range of the country’s class system. Every seven years, director Michael Apted has returned to the same participants for a poignant inquiry into the arc of their lives, through births, deaths, marriages and divorceschronicling all their highs and lows. Apted, now in his late 70s, has suggested this ninth installment may be the last. Whether you’ve followed many installments or are encountering the series for the first time, 63 Up deserves attention as “one of the boldest experiments in world cinema” (Variety).

2019 - 63 UP


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Official Site: https://www.63upfilm.com
On Twitter: britbox_us
On Instagram: 63upfilm
Director: Michael Apted
Executive Producer: Cort Kristensen, Soumya Sriraman
Producer: Claire Lewis
Cinematographer: George Jesse Turner
Editor: Kim Horton
Music: Nick Steer
Running Time: 144
Language: English
Country: United Kindgom
Year: 2019
Publicist: David Magdael & Associates
US Distributor: BritBox