2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Adam Zucker, film subjects NOV 10th ONLY: Imam Shamsi Ali, NOV 11th ONLY: Mohamed Bahi,  Kobir Chowdhury, Debbie Almontaser

NYC PREMIERE Though they each came to New York City from different parts of the world, Aber, Shamsi, Kobir, Debbie and Mohamed share a common identity as Muslim Americans. In the age of Trump, they must also confront the reality of heightened Islamophobia. Tracking their experiences from the beginning of the Muslim ban to the Supreme Court’s decision, Adam Zucker offers a timely film about what it means to be both a proud American and a devout Muslim.




Amer. Perspectives


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On Facebook: adamzucker2
Director: Adam Zucker
Producer: Adam Zucker
Cinematographer: Adam Zucker, additional cinematography Andrew Baker
Editor: Adam Zucker
Music: Paul Brill
Running Time: 82
Language: English, Arabic
Country: USA
Year: 2019