2014 Alumni

Ways of seeing the world. A celebrated interior designer faces the loss of her eyesight in Eleanor Ambos Interiors (USA, 16 min., Andrew Michael Ellis). Font Men (USA, 6 min., Dress Code) Jonathan and Tobias shape the way we see the world. Making Sense (USA, 13 min., Alex Schein) profiles young artisans as they return small-scale manufacturing to Philadelphia, while The Surreal and the Self (USA, 8 min., Jon Sams) details a young surrealist artist’s creation of self-portraits. Reverence (USA, 12 min., Collin Kornfeind) explores the popularity, meanings and functions of distinctive custom and branded yarmulkes. And Death and the Maiden delves into a series of a thousand autobiographical paintings made by a young Jewish Holocaust victim (Israel, 29 min., Yael Lotem).