2015 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Holly Morris, Editors Mary Manhardt and Michael Taylor (18th only), Composer Rob Teehan, Subject Mary Mycio (Nov 18th Only)

NYC PREMIERE For the past three decades a community of wise, elderly women enjoy a simple life in Chernobyl’s radioactive exclusion zone, subsisting on their beloved but toxic land, while radiation experts and soldiers marvel at their resilience. The three protagonists, more fearful of starvation than radiation, defied Ukrainian authorities to join a sisterhood of 200 women and return to their remote homes. The Babushkas of Chernobyl is a cinematic ode to thriving against all odds and the love for one’s own land.


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Director: Holly Morris, Anne Bogart
Producer: Produced by Holly Morris & Anne Bogart
Cinematographer: Japhet Weeks
Editor: Richard Howard, Mary Manhardt, Michael Taylor
Music: Rob Teehan
Running Time: 72
Language: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Country: Ukraine
Year: 2015