13 min


WORLD PREMIERE Becoming Billy Name is a short film about the artist Billy Name, born William Linich. Billy is the photographer who most extensively and richly documented the “Silver Age” of Andy Warhol’s The Factory, from 1960-1971.  However, this is a film about Billy and not about Warhol or The Factory. It is the intimate portrait of a man, who, despite having left The Factory times so far behind, is still somehow propelled in life by its continuing shockwaves. Billy is a regular voice in Warhol history, albeit from a reclusive and reluctant standpoint. He walks between his life today and the enduring life of his photographs of that era.

This film is part of the SHORTS PROGRAM: POINT + SHOOT

Director: Alexa Karolinski
Producer: Alexa Karolinski
Cinematographer: Alexa Karolinski
Editor: Sophie Corra
Music: Andrea Schiavelli
Country: USA
Year: 2014