2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, producer Peter Miller, editor Jim Cricchi

NYC PREMIERE Director Kenneth Paul Rosenberg exposes the sobering truth behind America’s failure to properly care for the mentally ill over the past half-century. Offering both critical historical context and grounded contemporary profiles of individuals forced to reckon with the ineffectual status quo, from hospital and prison staff to the mentally ill and their families, Bedlam reveals a national crisis that only continues to worsen. Moving, enlightening and enraging in equal measure, the film serves as an urgent wake-up call.

2019 - BEDLAM


In the System


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Director: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg
Executive Producer: Sally Jo Fifer, Lois Vossen
Producer: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, Peter Miller
Writer: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, Peter Miller
Cinematographer: Joan Churchill, ASC
Editor: Jim Cricchi
Music: Danny Bensi, Saunder Juriaans
Running Time: 86
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Publicist: Joe DePlasco, DKC Public Relations
US Distributor: ro*co films
Sales Agent: ro*co films