2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Directors Rose Rosenblatt, Marion Lipschutz; associate producer Alex Mason; editor Diego Siragna; consulting producer Richard Stein; film subject Linda Pence

NYC PREMIERE This high-stakes legal drama focuses on Bei Bei Shuai, a depressed, pregnant Chinese immigrant who is put on trial for the murder of her unborn child after attempting suicide. The case captivates the nation, and in particular the state of Indiana, as it sets a disturbing legal precedent for women who terminate their pregnancies’ whether intentionally or not. Bei Bei’s situation shines a chilling light on the ongoing encroachment of women’s rights and the confluence of religious belief and medical practice.



Fight the Power


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On Twitter: IncitePictures
Director: Rose Rosenblatt, Marion Lipschutz
Executive Producer: Angie Wang
Producer: Rose Rosenblatt, Marion Lipschutz
Cinematographer: Gary Griffin, Randy Stulburg, Sam Shinn, Rhiannon Hyde
Editor: Rose Rosenblatt, Diego Siragna, Bram Harris
Music: Ariel Loh
Running Time: 77
Language: English, Chinese
Country: USA
Year: 2018