Expected to Attend: Irene Taylor Brodsky; Subjects Bill and Kristi Weier and Professor Abigail Baird, PH.D.; Moderator Brian Stelter

NYC PREMIERE Offering a sensitive investigation of a disturbing true-life crime, Irene Taylor Brodsky chronicles the 2014 case of a pair of 12-year-old Wisconsin girls who attempted to murder their friend to appease the Slenderman, an Internet bogeyman they were convinced otherwise would harm their families. In the wake of this strange crime, the girls’ parents and authorities try to make sense of this Web legend and how quickly and firmly it became cemented in the minds of impressionable young people.

Co-presented by NYWIFT.



True Crime


Director: Irene Taylor Brodsky
Producer: Irene Taylor Brodsky, Sophie Harris
Cinematographer: Nick Midwig
Editor: Gladys Mae Murphy
Music: Benoit Charest
Running Time: 112
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2015