2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Cara Jones, producers Chelsea Matter, Josh Alexander, Naomi Ture, executive producer Daniel J. Chalfen, editor Armando Croda, subjects Farley Jones, Betsy Jones

WORLD PREMIERE This intimate film revisits director Cara Jones’ upbringing within the Unification Church of Reverend Sun Myung Mooncommonly known as the Moonieswhere her parents are high-ranking members. Home videos reveal never-before-seen footage of the inner workings of the controversial movement, considered a cult by some. After Jones separates from the church, she must come to terms with the shift in her relationship with her parents and with the impact of this unusual background on her family.





Modern Family


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Director: Cara Jones
Executive Producer: Jim Butterworth, Daniel J. Chalfen
Producer: Chelsea Matter, Josh Alexander (Co-Producer), Naomi Ture, Cara Jones
Writer: Josh Alexander, Jean Kawahara, Cara Jones
Cinematographer: Bow Jones, Naomi Ture, Ted Allen
Editor: Jean Kawahara, Additional Editor Armando Croda
Running Time: 74
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Publicist: Obscured Pictures
Sales Agent: Film Sales Company