2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Douglas Tirola, subjects Noel Furie, Selma Miriam

NYC PREMIERE In the 1970s, Noel and Selma are deeply unsatisfied in their marriages and unfulfilled by the prescribed roles of wife and mother. Drawn to the women’s movement and each other, they leave  their husbands and, sharing a passion for cooking, together open Bloodroot, a vegetarian restaurant and bookstore. Pointedly blending archival footage with clips from The Stepford Wives, director Doug Tirola simultaneously charts the evolution of Bloodroot and changes in culture over the past 50 years in this charming profile.

Co-presented by NYWIFT



Food For Thought


Director: Douglas Tirola
Executive Producer: Abigail E. Disney, Amy Nauiokas, Vinay Singh, James Connolly
Producer: Susan Bedusa
Cinematographer: Jarred Alterman, Olivia Zimmerman
Editor: Kellan Hayley Marvin
Running Time: 93
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Sales Agent: Cinetic Media