WORLD PREMIERE Boycotts have long been a tool used by Americans rallying for political change, from civil rights leaders to anti-apartheid activists. But in recent years, over 30 states have introduced anti-boycott legislation designed to penalize individuals undertaking boycotts against Israel. Award-winning filmmaker Julia Bacha (Budrus) looks at the cases of a publisher, attorney, and teacher whose careers are threatened by the harsh measures of these new laws in this bracing look at shifting politics and threats to freedom of speech.  – Thom Powers

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Julia Bacha, Producers Suhad Babaa, Daniel J. Chalfen, Film Subjects Mikkel Jordahl, Bahia Amawi, Alan Leveritt, Brian Hauss, Moderated by MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin.

This screening is co-presented by Cinema Tropical.

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Director: Julia Bacha
Executive Producer: Abigail E. Disney, Barbara Dobkin, Maxyne Franklin, Eleanor Friedman, Deirdre Hegarty, Micheline Klagsbrun, Ken Grossinger, Joan R. Platt
Producer: Suhad Babaa, Daniel J. Chalfen, Julia Bacha
Cinematographer: Amber Fares, Kelly West
Editor: Flavia de Souza, Eric Metzgar
Music: Nainita Desai
Language: English, Hebrew, Arabic
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Publicist: Susan Norget