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NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE In the aftermath of the infamous Delhi gang rape, one man works to change the way Indian boys view females. Harish and his nonprofit are devoted to educating impoverished male youth like Ved to respect women and girls. Despite the progress the activist makes in combating toxic masculinity, Harish struggles to find funding because his work is focused on males. Provoking and thoughtful, Boys Who Like Girls is a tender tale of activism in the midst of a furious global discussion on gendered violence.



Just a few clicks north of Bay of Pigs’ pristine mangrove flats - some of the best bonefish habitat in the world - lies Jaguey Grand, Cuba. A surprising scene plays out on a sweltering afternoon in the town’s dusty streets and alleys: Cuban kids with rods and reels attempt to master the art of the fly cast. Their mentor and father figure, Felipe, guides affluent anglers from around the globe to the regions coveted sport fisheries nearby. However, gaining the same access for his “ninos” proves to be difficult. Following Filipe and his students from dusty streets to their first cast in sparkling waters, Casting in Jaguey Grand tells the real story of the changes facing the next generation of Cubans- far from glossy photos of vintage cars and cigars that the fill the travel magazines.

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Fight the Power


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Director: Inka Achté
Producer: EP Liisa Karpo, Producer Christian Falch, Producer Ruchi Bhimani
Cinematographer: Sari Aaltonen, Riju Das, Malini Dasari, Jayanth Mathavan
Editor: Livia Serpa
Music: Sander Stedenfeldt Olsen, Jorgen Mayer
Running Time: 68
Language: Hindi, Marathi, English
Country: Finland
Year: 2018