Expected to Attend: Producer Oliver Hartman, Annie Bush; executive producer Darrell Hartman

On Colombia’s Pacific Coast, a mother teaches her daughter, Dulce, how to swim. It is an essential skill in this remote region, where livelihoods are made on the sea and where rising tides, made worse by climate change, have swept entire villages away in recent years. Overcoming her fear of the water is just one element of Dulce’s budding awareness of her natural and cultural surroundings.




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On Facebook: http://facebook.com/dulcedoc
Director: Guille Isa, Angello Faccini
Executive Producer: Lee Pace, Margarita Mora, Anastasia Khoo, Darrell Hartman
Producer: Oliver Hartman, Annie Bush
Cinematographer: Angello Faccini
Editor: Roberto Benavides
Running Time: 10
Language: Spanish
Country: USA
Year: 2018

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