2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Olga Lvoff, producer Victor Ilyukhin, executive producer Joy Tomchin,  co-producer Rose Vincelli Gustine, cinematographer Justin Ervin, associate producer Sarah Rachael Wainio, subjects Marshay Smith, Terrie Lawson, Jasmine Smith

NYC PREMIERE Karen Marshall is a respected therapist who specializes in the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder, a condition formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, often linked to a history of childhood abuse. Karen has a unique perspective on the disorder, as she juggles 17 personalities of her own. Director Olga Lvoff sensitively explores the intricacies of DID and the methods surrounding its treatment as Karen helps her client, Marshay, confront past trauma and embrace the different parts of her selves.







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Director: Olga Lvoff
Executive Producer: Joy Tomchin
Producer: Victor Ilyukhin
Cinematographer: Olga Lvoff, Justin Ervin
Editor: Olga Lvoff, Victor Ilyukhin
Music: Sasha Gusev
Running Time: 70
Language: English
Country: USA, Russia
Year: 2019
US Distributor: Film Sales
Sales Agent: Film Sales