2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Doug Nichol; subjects Jeremy Mayer and Martin Howard

NYC PREMIERE Named for one of the last remaining typewriter repair shops in the U.S., Doug Nichol’s crowdpleasing film celebrates the design, tactility and permanence of the typewriter. As the shop struggles to survive, devotees including Tom Hanks, John Mayer and Sam Shepard weigh in on their deep love for the machines. For those beyond repair, artist Jeremy Mayer lovingly repurposes their parts to create elegant sculptures. California Typewriter is an entertaining ode to a technology that most find obsolete and disposable but which some still joyously embrace.


Art + Design


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Director: Doug Nichol
Producer: John Benet, Doug Nichol
Cinematographer: Doug Nichol
Editor: Doug Nichol
Running Time: 104
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2016