Expected to Attend: Director Darcy Dennett, Co-Producer Lindsay Rothenberg, Subject Paul Fiaccone

NYC PREMIERE In recent decades, mainstream media has portrayed pit bulls as vicious killers, with several states even banning the breed. When Atlanta Falcons’ star quarterback Michael Vick’s brutal dog-fighting ring was exposed, this stigma resulted in calls for euthanasia of the pit bulls involved by PETA and the Humane Society. The Champions intimately chronicles the efforts made to instead rescue and rehabilitate the dogs in an inspiring tale of second chances, redemption and the bond between humans and animals.


The Wild Life


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Director: Darcy Dennett
Producer: Darcy Dennett
Cinematographer: Justin Hanrahan ACS
Editor: Julio F. Lastres
Music: Jeff Beal
Running Time: 93
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2015