2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Christy Garland; producer Lisa Juntunen; subject Patricia Fisk

US PREMIERE It’s not easy being the coach of the Ice Queens, Finland’s worst cheerleading team. Determined to start her girls on the path to success, Miia travels from the Arctic Circle to Texas to observe the sport’s world champions and replicate their methods back home. But this is no real-life Bring It On: Miia and her cheerleaders have matters to contend with that are decidedly more serious than mastering a routine, as revealed in Christy Garland’s sensitive portrait of identity and belonging.


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Director: Christy Garland
Producer: Lisa Juntunen
Cinematographer: Sari Aaltonen
Editor: Thor Ochsner, Graeme Ring
Music: Tom Third
Running Time: 75
Language: Finnish
Country: Finland, Canada
Year: 2016