86 min


INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE At the age of 25, Angel Cordero, an innocent man, was arrested and convicted of attempted murder following a stabbing in the Bronx. Viko Nikci follows him as he is released from prison after thirteen years into a new world of smartphones and social media. Readjusting to life on the outside, Angel has two goals: confronting the man who actually committed the crime for which he was punished, and repairing his relationship with the daughter he was forced to leave behind.

Filmmaker is expected to be in person for both screenings.

This film is co-presented by Cinema Tropical

Director: VIKO NIKCI
Producer: Viko Nikci, David Collins
Cinematographer: Robert Flood
Editor: Viko Nikci
Music: Rori Coleman and Dawn Kenny
Language: English
Country: Ireland
Year: 2014