2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Judith A. Helfand; author Eric Klinenberg

WORLD PREMIERE In July 1995, Chicago was hit by a record heat wave that claimed the lives of 739 residents, primarily among the elderly, African Americans and those living in poverty. Using this tragedy as a jumping-off point, but referencing other extreme weather catastrophes like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Cooked provocatively reframes the politics of disaster to encompass extreme inequity, arguing that economically disadvantaged communities should be preventatively treated as disasters taking place in slow motion.

Co-Presented by Institute for Public Knowledge (NYU)




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Director: Judith A. Helfand
Producer: Judith A. Helfand, Fenell Doremus; executive producers Gordon Quinn, Justine Nagan, Betsy Steinberg, Diana Barrett, Abigail Disney, Gini Reticker, Lois Vosson, Barbara Dobkin, Julie Parker Benello, Lynne Rosenthal, Sarah Cavanaugh, Geralyn Dreyfous
Cinematographer: Tod Lending and Keith Walker
Editor: Simeon Hutner and David E. Simpson
Music: T.Griffin
Running Time: 76
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2018