Expected to Attend: Director Stephen Maing; producer Ross Tuttle; film subjects

In this Sundance Special Jury Award-winning film, Stephen Maing provides unparalleled access to the NYPD 12—a group of whistle-blowing cops—and one unforgettable former cop turned tenacious private investigator. Together they expose the ongoing, illegal practice of quota-driven policing targeting young minorities. Putting their careers and their safety at risk, these officers reveal how coercion and retaliation have been employed to keep them in line, and that the ultimate consequence of this systemic corruption is the erosion of public trust and the rule of law. Courtesy of IFC Films/Hulu.


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Director: Stephen Maing
Producer: EP Laura Poitras, Producer Stephen Maing, Producer Ross Tuttle
Cinematographer: Stephen Maing
Editor: Stephen Maing, Eric Daniel Metzgar
Music: Brendon Anderegg
Running Time: 112
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2018