Runner Up: Audience Award DOC NYC 2020

WORLD PREMIERE | Dance, art, performance, and disability politics converge in this entertaining and enlightening portrait of Bill Shannon, an internationally renowned artist, break dancer, and skate punk, who wields his crutches as tools of expression and instruments for audience provocation. The film journeys through a decade of intimate access and a lifetime of archival footage that includes Shannon’s stage work for Cirque du Soleil, the Sydney Opera House, the Tate Modern, and the Chicago MOCA.

This film has English language closed captioning available.  For more information about closed captions and accessibility at DOC NYC, please click here.

Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Director/Producer Sachi Cunningham, Director/Producer/Writer Chandler Evans (Vayabobo) and Subject William Shannon.

Director: Sachi Cunningham, Vayabobo
Executive Producer: Stephen Nemeth, Mike Levin, Billy Graves, Sarah Evans, Tim Cunningham, Nancy Blachman
Producer: Vayabobo, Sachi Cunningham
Writer: Vayabobo
Cinematographer: Sachi Cunningham, Vayabobo
Editor: Nick Bradford
Music: Te'Amir Sweeney, George Karpasitis
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2020