2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Jake Kheel, Juan Mejia Botero; producers Ben Selkow, Juancho Yepes; cinematographer Juan Carlos Castaneda; composer Daniel Miller; editor Adriana Pacheco, Mark Becker

NYC PREMIERE While the Dominican Republic has protected much of its woodlands, its border neighbor Haiti has seen mass deforestation in the past few decades. As a result, a black market in charcoal production has developed via illegal logging on the Dominican side. When the body of a patrolling Dominican park ranger is found, his brutal murder exposes long-simmering tensions that boil over into xenophobia and racism, jeopardizing the lives of the most vulnerable in both nations.

Co-Presented by Cinema Tropical 




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Director: Juan Mejia Botero, Jake Kheel
Producer: Producers Ben Selkow, Jake Kheel; Executive Producers Jeff Skoll, Belisa Balaban, Christy Spitzer Thornton, Isaac Lee, Juan Rendon, Eric Douat; Co-Producers Juan E. Yepes & Nadia Pollard
Editor: Adriana Pacheco
Music: Daniel Miller
Running Time: 73
Language: Spanish, Haitian Kreyol
Country: USA, Dominican Republic, Haiti
Year: 2016