New York Film Academy offers an array of programs designed to educate talented and committed documentary filmmakers in a hands-on, total immersion, professional and supportive environment.  At The Academy, students learn to make documentaries by making documentaries.  Named one of the 10 Best Documentary Programs by Independent magazine, New York Film Academy boasts a distinguished and varied documentary faculty composed of professional filmmakers who assist students in completing the school’s challenging curriculum and foster a markedly successful body of graduates.

NYFA’s showcase includes: In Limpopo, South Africa, the village grannies are Alive and Kicking (USA, 20 min., Lara-Ann de Wet) as they lace up their soccer boots and confront centuries of subjugating taboos. Having forgotten years of her past, the filmmaker pieces her life together from her brother’s memories in The Happiest Family (USA, 13 min., Camille Bildsøe). The Federation of Black Cowboys keeps the cowboy Legacy (USA, 13 min., Amy J. Wright) alive and well… in Brooklyn. Discovered floating off the coast of Belize, Freya (USA, 5 min., Andrew Linga, Rachael Peltzer, William Nestlehutt, Sacha-Gay Lewis, Jimmie Julion, Ivoree Myles, Denis Perez), an endangered sea turtle, struggles to survive after a serious shark attack. After waking up unable to move, an 18-year-old star athlete is trapped inside the nightmare known as “Locked In Syndrome” in All in My Head: The Patrick Stein Story (USA, 29 min., Colleen Shaw).




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Director: Lara-Ann de Wet, Camille Bildsøe, Amy J. Wright, Andrew Linga, William Nestlehutt, Rachael Peltzer, Sacha-Gay Lewis, Jimmie Julion, Ivoree Myles, Denis Perez, Colleen Shaw
Producer: New York Film Academy
Cinematographer: New York Film Academy
Editor: New York Film Academy
Music: New York Film Academy
Running Time: 80
Language: English, xiShangana
Country: South Africa/Denmark/USA
Year: 2015