Drawing from global injustices or pure love, these artists share what inspires them. (Total Running Time: 86 MIN)

Chants of Freedom | Director/Producer: Moksh Krishnan, The New School
Mir Suhail, an exiled Kashmiri artist living in New York, draws cartoons to further the endeavors for freedom of his homeland. As he learns the pulse of his new city he finds himself consumed with the quest for identity, independence, and belonging. (USA, 22 MIN)

Light Leak | Director: Nate Dorr, Producer: Zach Nader, Hunter College
Light is information, a signal more lasting than recollection. If there’s anyone out there to receive the message. (USA, 8 MIN)

Oto Baya | Director/Producer: Ketevan Beraia, New York Film Academy
Georgian artist, Eteri Chkadua emigrated to America after living through Russian occupation. Forty years later she captures the story of her community through her art in an effort to help the Ukrainian people. (USA, 19 MIN)

Shadow Girl | Director/Producer: Azia Egbe, Hunter College
This experimental hybrid documentary addresses the erasure/invisibility and the anxiety surrounding identity while living abroad. (USA, 5 MIN) 

First Saké Brewery in New York | Director/Producer: Xiaoying Su, School of Visual Arts
Witness the passionate artform of saké making at Brooklyn Kura, the first saké brewery in New York. (USA, 11 MIN) 

Hei’er | Director: Yehui Zhao, Producer: Andrew Felsher, Hunter College
Director Yehui Zhao uses a mannequin to embody the spirit of Lin Hei’er, the leader of the Red Lanterns who resisted colonial invasions during late Qing Dynasty, China. (USA, China, 21 MIN)

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