Every day for the last 67 years, 90-year-old cab driver Johnnie “Spider” Footman has shown up for work at one of New York City’s most eclectic communities—the taxi garage across from the United Nations. The garage is a kind of a refugee camp in the heart of New York, a city where drivers have come for protection from human rights abuses, racism, and economic instability.

But to be a cabbie demands reserves of patience and persistence, in the face of long hours, disrespectful customers, blinding blizzards and a host of other challenges.

Screening with Jenni Morello’s McB. What happens when a group of Brooklyn elementary school students decide to stage their own production of Shakespeare’s most accursed play?

Director: Jenni Morello; Producer: Dawn Schwartz & Jenni Morello; Cinematographer: Jenni Morello; Music: Dorothea Tachler; Editor: Jenni Morello


Director: Joshua Z Weinstein
Producer: Jean Tsien & Joshua Z Weinstein
Cinematographer: Joshua Z Weinstein
Editor: Jean Tsien
Music: Adam Crystal
Language: English, Mandarin
Country: USA