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Nov 11 - Nov 19

US PREMIERE | A fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary showcasing the production of a narrative film set in the Amazonian forest of Venezuela. With acute lensing and formidable direction, filmmaker Mo Scarpelli returns to DOC NYC with a layered and complex portrait of her life partner Jorge Thielen Armand as he directs a film about the unconventional life of his father, Jorge Roque Thielen. Starring Roque as himself, this film is a wild ride across the chasm between past and present, father and son.

Included with the screening ticket is an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Director Mo Scarpelli, subject Jorge Thielen Armand, immediately following the film.

Director: Mo Scarpelli
Executive Producer: Edward Power, Gordon Culley, Justin Madhany
Producer: Manon Ardisson, Rodrigo Michelangeli; Associate Producer: Phoebe Hall, Joe Torres, Zane Dawood
Cinematographer: Mo Scarpelli
Editor: Juan Soto
Language: Spanish
Country: Venezuela, UK, Italy, USA, Canada
Year: 2020

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Nov 11 - Nov 19


Online Screening

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