NYC PREMIERE Executive produced by Dan Rather, Fail State explores the dark side of higher education in America, focusing on the rise of for-profit colleges. Echoing the subprime mortgage crisis, these private institutions target lower-income and minority students, who become saddled with student loan debt and, often, worthless degrees. Director Alex Shebanow traces the historical rise, fall and resurgence of these predatory schools, reveals their Wall Street backing and demonstrates the co-opting of American higher education into an engine of inequality.




Director: Alexander Shebanow
Producer: Alexander Shebanow, Julia Glausi, Terrence Crawford, Tyler Comes, Adam Bolt, and Alan Oxman
Cinematographer: Joel Kingsbury, Michael Swaigen, Oren Soffer, Alexander Shebanow
Editor: Regina Sobel
Music: Keegan Dewitt, Jeremy Bullock
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2017

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Dec 31, 1969 19:00 PM


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Director/Producer Alexander Shebanow; executive producer Dan Rather; producers Julia Glausi, Terrence Crawford, Tyler Comes, Adam Bolt, Alan Oxman; editor Regina Sobel; associate editor Isabel Ponte; co-producers Philip Kim, Elliot Kirschner, Jennifer Latham