2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Katrine Philp, DP Adam Philp, Producer Katrine A. Sahlstrøm, subjects Saul Kassin, David Fisher, Jason Flom 

NYC PREMIERE As unthinkable as it may seem, under the right conditions, anyone could be compelled to make a false confession to a crime they have not committed. Ordinary individuals, innocent but vulnerable to manipulativeand surprisingly legal—police interrogation techniques, regularly fall prey to this fate. Dogged defense attorney Jane Fisher-Byrialsen wants to put a stop to this practice, demonstrating the lasting damage wrought by false confessions in several of her cases, and the price society as a whole pays.



In the System


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Director: Katrine Philp
Executive Producer: Eric Friedler, Boris Benjamin Bertram, Kaspar Astrup Schröder
Producer: Katrine A. Sahlstrøm; co-producers Reinhardt Beetz, Paul Wiederhold
Cinematographer: Adam Morris Philp, Talib Rasmussen
Editor: Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen & Signe Rebekka Kaufmann
Music: Jonas Colstrup
Running Time: 91
Language: English, Danish
Country: Denmark, Germany
Year: 2018