2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Markie Hancock; executive producer Kathryn Gregorio; cinematographer Mark Ledzian; subject Dorian Rence

NYC PREMIERE From outside appearances, Dorian Rence ticks all the boxes of stereotypical crazy cat lady. After catching sight of a feral cat colony in the tunnels around Riverside ParkĀ over a decade ago, she took on the task of caring for the cats – not even a hospitalization kept her from missing a feeding. But when she’s not trudging through the snow to bring kibble to her cherished felines, Dorian plays viola with the New York Philharmonic, a position she has held for 40 years.


Wild Life


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On Twitter: mhancock7
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FeralLoveDocumentary
Director: Markie Hancock
Producer: Markie Hancock, Kathryn Gregorio
Cinematographer: Mark Ledzian
Editor: Markie Hancock
Music: Performed By New York Philharmonic Members: Eric Bartlett, Fiona Simon, Lisa Kim, Rebecca Young, Orin O'Brien, Eileen Moon, Dorian Rence
Running Time: 71
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2016