2012 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Barbara Kopple

In a country that defends freedom as the core of American values, two time Oscar winner Barbara Kopple (Harlan County USA, American Dream) explores the absolute powers of the FDA over our rights and access to therapies that may be the only chance at survival against a deadly disease. When breakthroughs in diseases like cancer are lost or delayed by an insurmountable process – the cost is tallied in human lives. Through an intimate journey with patients, physicians, innovators, advocates and regulators, Kopple exposes the regulatory barrier to access and progress against deadly diseases. Fight to Live asks the question: What rights should you have in a life or death battle to survive versus what decisions should the government make for you? With one in two men and one in three women diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, Fight to Live is a wake up call to Americans – most of whom will one day find themselves or a loved one in a fight to live.


Amer. Perspectives
Director: Barbara Kopple
Producer: Hilary Birmingham, Barbara Kopple & Carla Woods
Cinematographer: John Hazard
Editor: William Davis
Running Time: 80 min
Language: English
Country: USA