10 min


In the face of Multiple Sclerosis, visual impairment, and lung cancer, New York photographer Flo Fox has continued to pursue photography and has maintained her adventurous, feisty spirit and dirty sense of humor. No longer able to even hold a camera, she has her attendants take photos for her. As a young, hot New York chick she used her looks to get what she wanted. These days she often leverages her disability. Flo Fox knows what she wants, and she gets it — including some truly amazing photographs that capture street life in New York City, from the 1970s to present day.

Director: Riley Hooper; Producer: Riley Hooper; Cinematographer: Riley Hooper; Music: Chris Zabriske; Editor: Riley Hooper

Director: Riley Hooper
Producer: Riley Hooper
Writer: Riley Hooper
Cinematographer: Riley Hooper
Editor: Riley Hooper
Year: 2012