INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE In America, she is viewed as the respected grandmother of the state of Israel; in Israel, her legacy is far more complicated. This fascinating profile sheds light on Golda Meir, the first and only woman to be elected prime minister of Israel. The film centers around a remarkably candid interview, unseen until now, in which the stateswoman reflects on and defends her tumultuous and controversial five years in officea tenure marked by extraordinary challenges, from the nascent settler movement to the deadly Yom Kippur War.

2019 - GOLDA

Director: Sagi Bornstein, Udi Nir, Shani Rozanes
Producer: Sagi Bornstein, Udi Nir, Georg Tschurtschenthaler, Christian Beetz
Writer: Shani Rozanes, Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein
Cinematographer: Eitan Hatuka
Editor: Sagi Bornstein
Music: Adam Ben Ezra
Language: Hebrew
Country: Israel, Germany
Year: 2019
US Distributor: Go2films
Sales Agent: Go2films