NYC PREMIERE Lush and luxurious, California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys are known for their top-notch wine making. The unsung heroes of the industry are the vineyard workers and small producers, who lovingly oversee all aspects of the wine-making process, from vine to vintage. Unfolding over the course of one of the most dramatic harvests in history, Bernardo Ruiz’s film follows three people whose lives are rooted in wine making, immersing the audience in the challenging and unpredictable process.

Co-Presented by Cinema Tropical.

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Director: Bernardo Ruiz
Executive Producer: Lois Vossen, Sally Jo Fifer, Sandie Viquez Pedlow
Producer: Bernardo Ruiz, Lauren Capps
Cinematographer: Victor Tadashi Suarez
Editor: Fiona Otway
Music: Alaskan Tapes with additional music by Hauschka
Language: English, Spanish
Country: USA
Year: 2018