WORLD PREMIERE In Canada, seal hunting was historically considered to be a respectable job until people witnessed the graphic images of the practice for themselves on television. Angry and committed to save the seals, Brian Davies, a charismatic young activist, sets out on a crusade that becomes his life’s mission. Using the power of cinematography, celebrity and science, Davies’ exposes the cruelty of the hunt while making audiences fall in love with these graceful, vulnerable creatures, as explored in the rousing Huntwatch.

Indiewire’s Top 10 Must See Documentaries at DOC NYC

Brant Backlund – Director

Kerry Branon – Producer

Rich Moos – Producer

Dave Kennedy – Producer/editor


Director: Brant Backlund
Producer: Richard Moos, Kerry Branon, Brant Backlund, David Kennedy
Cinematographer: Richard Moos
Editor: David Kennedy, Brant Backlund, Richard Moos, Alexander Mejia-Johnson, Casey Clark
Music: Theo Green
Language: English, French, German
Country: USA
Year: 2015