2015 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Adam Sjöberg, Editor Mariana Blanco, Composer Joel P West, Art Director Ryan Wehner

US PREMIERE After fleeing his native North Korea to defect to the south, the artist Sun Mu works under a defiant alias meaning “no boundaries” to criticize the repressive regime of Kim Jong-un. A former propaganda artist, he subverts familiar images which once glorified the Supreme Leader, transforming them into satirical political pop art. Offered an unlikely solo exhibition in China, the anonymous artist prepares his show undercover, potentially risking his own freedom and safety to expose the truth through art.

This screening is co-presented by Human Rights Watch Film Festival




On Twitter: i_am_sun_mu
Director: Adam Sjöberg
Producer: Adam Sjoberg, Justin Wheeler, David Jacobson
Cinematographer: Adam Sjöberg
Editor: Mariana Blanco
Music: Joel P. West
Running Time: 86
Language: Korean, Chinese, English
Country: USA
Year: 2015