2014 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Jean-Michel Dissard, Gitte Peng, students Brandon Garcia, Sandra Staniszewska, Sing Pau, Itrat Batool, and Jenniffer Vasquez, the principal and teachers from the International High School at Lafayette, and Claire Sylvan, Founder and Executive Director of the Internationals Network for Public Schools.

NYC PREMIERE At the International High School at Lafayette, a Brooklyn public high school dedicated to newly arrived immigrants from all over the world, five teenagers strive to master English, adapt to families they haven’t seen in years, and create a future of their own while coming of age in a new land. Their journey is full of challenges, humor and inspiration. Through their lives, we “learn America.”

NOTE: The first screening is SOLD-OUT. Based on last-minute availability, a limited number of tickets may be released for sale 15 minutes before showtime on a first come, first served basis to patrons in the RUSH LINE. Tickets are still available for the second screening.

Take a look at IF YOU BUILD IT and other films focused on education.

Note: Free pre-screening community gathering and discussion at the Centre for Social Innovation, Sun, 11/17, 11:30am. With a Guatemalan and Pakistani food tasting by the mothers of two of the film’s subjects! Click here for more info.




Official Site: http://www.ilearnamerica.com
On Twitter: ilearnamerica
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ILearnAmerica
Producer: Jean-Michel Dissard & Gitte Peng
Cinematographer: Jean-Michel Dissard & Andrew Freiband
Editor: Alison Shurman
Music: Naim Amor
Running Time: 93 min.
Language: English, Spanish, Polish & Urdu
Country: USA