WORLD PREMIERE Why are healthcare costs so high in the United States? Part of the problem lies with the business of hospitals, even those running as nonprofits. InHospitable follows patients and activists as they band together to fight a multi-billion dollar nonprofit hospital system in Pittsburgh that limits vital care for vulnerable patients. Filmmaker Sandra Alvarez explores the perspectives of patients, hospital workers, advocates, and politicians to shed light on an overlooked fight for justice.  – Thom Powers

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Sandra C. Alvarez and Producers Stacy Goldate and Veronica Nickel.

This screening is co-presented by Cinema Tropical.

This film contains the following accessibility options for viewers:
Closed Captioning for in-person screenings at IFC Center and Cinepolis Chelsea
Closed Captioning for online screenings

All in-person screening venues provide hearing impaired listening devices upon request with venue management.

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Director: Sandra Alvarez
Executive Producer: Cora Media
Producer: Sandra C. Alvarez, Jaime Burke, Stacy Goldate, Amy S. Kim, Veronica Nickel
Cinematographer: Bryan Donnell
Editor: Stacy Goldate
Music: Christopher French
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Publicist: The 2050 Group