2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Stephen Wilkes; producers Bette Wilkes, Emma Tammi, Henry Jacobson; writer Josh Alexander; editors Armando Croda, Daniel Haworth (additional) Doug Blush (Supervising Editor); composer Joel Goodman; executive producer Jennie Wilkes, Michael Hirschmann;  film subjects Jay Maisel, Linda Maisel, Amanda Maisel

WORLD PREMIERE Acclaimed photographer Jay Maisel bought a six-story, 72-room building on the Bowery in 1966. Ever since, the site has served as his home, studio and repository for a breathtaking collection of items that inspires his photographic work. But now it must be emptied out following its sale in the largest private real estate deal in NYC history. As Maisel prepares for this monumental move, a true end of an era, he reflects on his life and work for the camera of his mentee, photographer and filmmaker Stephen Wilkes.





Director: Stephen Wilkes
Producer: Producers: Bette Wilkes, Henry Jacobson, Emma Tammi; Executive Producers: Stephen Wilkes, Michael Hirschmann, Jennie Wilkes, Doug Blush Writer: Josh Alexander
Cinematographer: Jason Greene, Stephen Wilkes
Editor: Armando Croda, additional editor Daniel Haworth, supervising editor Doug Blush
Music: Joel Goodman
Running Time: 76
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2018