58 min

US PREMIERE In the early 1970s, the world-class waves of Ireland were uncharted waters for the international surfing community. Amidst the ongoing conflict of the Troubles, pioneers in both Dublin and Belfast transcended political hostilities to host the 1972 Eurosurf championship. This look into the unsung history of the Emerald Isle’s now world-renowned surf scene details the power of sport to bridge any divide.  – Brandon Harrison

The November 13th screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Sean Duggan and Editor Jay Keuper, Associate Producer Sabine Krayenbühl and film subject Vivienne Evans and the November 14th screening with Director Sean Duggan. 

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Director: Sean Duggan
Producer: Sean Duggan
Cinematographer: Laura McGann, Basil Mironer, Saro Varjabedian, Yuki Soga, Sean Duggan
Editor: Jay Keuper, Sean Duggan
Music: Rich DeCicco, Seamus Egan
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Publicist: September Swell Productions