2017 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Steve Mitchell; producers Matt Verboys, Dan McKeon; subject Larry Cohen

NYC PREMIERE Known as ‘the John Cassavetes of exploitation,’ filmmaker Larry Cohen is responsible for such 1970s cult hits as It’s Alive, Black Caesar and Hell Up in Harlem. Steve Mitchell’s rollicking tribute revisits the heyday of guerrilla filmmaking, when Cohen would shoot car chases, shootouts and fight scenes without a permit on busy Manhattan streets, with the public none the wiser. Featuring interviews with admirers, including Martin Scorsese, J.J. Abrams, John Landis and Joe Dante, King Cohen celebrates a true maverick of American filmmaking.




Behind the Scenes


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Director: Steve Mitchell
Producer: Matt Verboys, Dan McKeon, Steve Mitchell, Cliff Stephenson
Cinematographer: David C.P. Chan
Editor: Kai Thomasian
Music: Joe Kraemer
Running Time: 109
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2017