2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Elizabeth Mirzaei; Producer Ina Fichman

NYC PREMIERE Under a dank bridge in Kabul, Afghanistan—the country with the world’s highest rate of opium production and addiction—a squalid group of drug addicts is getting high or fiending for their next fix. Former child bride and self-proclaimed badass Laila offers salvation by inviting these lost souls to the detox clinics she runs with her brother, himself a recovered addict. Fearless and relentless in the face of a corrupt and chaotic society, Laila brings love, hope and the Narcotics Anonymous program to these victims of the global addiction epidemic.





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Director: Elizabeth Mirzaei, Gulistan Mirzaei
Producer: Co-Producers Elizabeth Mirzaei, Gulistan Mizraei; Producer Ina Fichman
Cinematographer: Elizabeth Mirzaei
Editor: Andrea Henriquez
Music: Jessica Moss
Running Time: 87
Language: Pashto, Dari
Country: Canada, Afganistan
Year: 2018