2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Directors Joy Reed, Dan Hunt; associate producers Anderson Clark, Christopher Motter, Kenneth Rayburn, Richard A. Stein; composer Peter Rundquist; photography Rob Featherstone film subjects The McCarthy Family

WORLD PREMIERE If Ren could go back in time before she was four, she would tell her parents that she wasn’t happy living as a boy. Now, Ren is about to take part in a rite of passage for their community in West Haven, CT as the first out transgirl to compete in the Little Miss Westie Pageant. Coaching her through the competition: Her older brother Luca, who previously took part in the pageant when he lived as a girl. Gender dynamics evolve in front of the viewer’s eyes while two transgender siblings explore who they are in this intimate portrait.



Modern Family


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Director: Joy E. Reed, Dan Hunt
Producer: Producer Dan Hunt, Associate Producer Anderson Clark, Associate Producer Christopher Motter, Associate Producer Kenneth Rayburn, Associate Producer Richard A. Stein
Cinematographer: Rob Featherstone, Owen Strock
Editor: Joy E. Reed
Music: Peter Rundquist
Running Time: 75
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2018