Discovery, where you least expect it. Learn the true story behind a failed CIA mission in China Connection: Jerry (USA, 5 min., Vanessa Hope) and a JFK scandal in The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed (USA, 8 min., Scott Calonico). Revisit a pre-Internet cat celebrity in Cherry Pop: The Story of the World’s Fanciest Cat (USA, 11 min., Kareem Tabsch). Find more than you bargained for in Elvis Loses His Excess & Other Tales from the World’s Longest Yard Sale (USA, 19 min., Riley Hooper). Explore the artifacts of a pre-cell-phone world in Hang Up (USA, 15 min., Hugo Massa). Notice a small store in the BQE’s shadow in As You Pass By (USA, 11 min., Amanda Katz & Georg Anthony Svatek). Reconnect to aviation’s past in Brooklyn’s forgotten Hangar B (USA, 7 min., Thomas Beug), and to a lost, sexually charged era in Grit & Grind (USA, 10 min., Felix Endara & Sasha Wortzel). (86 min. total)