Online Screening

Nov 11 - Nov 29

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE This extraordinary portrait reveals artist, sailor, horse trainer, filmmaker, and projectionist Carlotta, who has never been able to recognize a single face, not even her own or her mother’s. Curious neuroscientist-turned-film director Valentin Riedl befriends the elusive artist, constructing a film that allows the audience to venture inside a remarkable mind and glimpse how Carlotta thinks, feels, and understands the world. A film about connection, memory, and the magic of our brains.

Included with the screening ticket is an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Valentin Riedl (Director), Doro Goetz (Cinematographer), immediately following the film.

Director: Valentin Riedl
Executive Producer: Martin Roelly
Producer: Erik Winker
Writer: Valentin Riedl
Cinematographer: Doro Götz
Editor: Ivan Morales jr.
Music: Antimo Sorgente
Language: German
Country: Germany
Year: 2020
Sales Agent: NEW DOCS